2018 Resolutions


2018-01   Carbon Sequestration

WHEREAS pollinators, birds and other wildlife require healthy habitat and, whereas carbon sequestration results from growth of trees, shrubs and grasses,


BE IT RESOLVED that producers be financially recognized to maintain trees, wetlands and other natural acres.


2018-02   Crop Value Model

BE IT RESOLVED regardless of what crop value creation model is adopted, public research and varietal development be retained as a strong component of the model.

2018-03   Crop Value Model

BE IT RESOLVED that producers who will be paying into any value creation model for varietal development will be able to retain the ability to direct a portion of the collected dollars to research in varietal characteristics of benefit to their farm productivity.

2018-04   Crop Insurance

WHEREAS chemical containers, grain bags and other agricultural plastics are becoming more of a problem in rural areas,
BE IT RESOLVED that AFA explore solutions to this growing problem.