About AFA



The Alberta Federation of  Agriculture is Alberta's largest producer funded general farm organization. It is an organization comprised of farmers, ranchers, and agricultural enterprises that wish to have a voice in shaping the future of farming operations. Unlike many other farm organizations, there are no check-offs. Nearly 85% of the money raised each year comes from membership and membership services.


The Alberta Federation of Agriculture has been around in one form or another since the turn of the last century. Officially incorporated in 1959 as the Farmers' Union of Alberta, we evolved to become Unifarm in 1971 and then Wild Rose Agricultural Producers in 1996. In May 2013 we became the Alberta Federation of Agriculture - a name chosen to more appropriately reflect the diversity of our members. 


One thing that has remained constant since we were founded is our mandate to work for the benefit of all agricultural producers in Alberta regardless of their farm enterprise. Our portfolio includes everything from tire recycling to the World Trade Organization. Producers represent producers on our Board and you have the opportunity, if you so wish, to become actively involved in the day-to-day management of the organization or the general policy directions. If you are involved in agriculture in Alberta, you should be a member of AFA.


Mission Statement

Alberta Federation of Agriculture develops and advocates policy for Alberta producers that promotes a sustainable agricultural industry.



Alberta Federation of Agriculture will be recognized as the voice for Alberta on general agricultural issues.



The Association shall advocate, promote and encourage:

  • Sustainable agricultural practices,
  • Viable farm income levels,
  • Fair marketing and trade practices,
  • The maintenance of the rural community and improvement to the quality of life,
  • Value-added industry in rural Alberta, and
  • The provision of accurate, timely information to agricultural producers to help them make informed decisions related to their operations.



To represent our members at the regional, provincial and national level for the benefit of all producers to create an atmosphere of co-operation and communication to ensure that areas of common concern among all producers are dealt with to the benefit of agriculture as a whole.