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February 12, 2014

Food Freedom Day is February 14th 

For the love of good food

Coinciding with Valentine's Day this year is Food Freedom Day, the calendar date representing when the average Canadian has earned enough income to cover the cost of groceries for the entire year.
"It's rather appropriate that these two dates are occurring simultaneously," said Lynn Jacobson, president of Wild Rose Agricultural Producers (WRAP).


"Canadians love good food and we are fortunate to enjoy one of the most abundant, safe, and secure food supplies in the world."

"In conjunction with the efforts that Canadian farmers invest to assure our food supply, there are things that we, as consumers, can also do to secure our food system," Jacobson continued. "Making choices at the grocery store that support the Canadian agriculture and agri-food industry and reducing food loss at the consumption level will make a noticeable difference.  There are still people who are unable to acquire safe and nutritionally adequate foods at all times. Wasting food makes no sense — ethically, economically, or environmentally. As individuals, we need to do what we can to minimize wasteful practices."

In 2009, total Canadian food waste amounted to $27 billion or $774.07 in food dollars wasted per person, according to a study done by the George Morris Centre. Without food waste along the food value chain, Food Freedom Day would have occurred on February 5 this year.

Food Freedom Day was first designated by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, of which WRAP is a member, in 2007. While Food Freedom Day occurred on February 12 in the previous four years, a Statistics Canada change to the methodology used to report expenditure and income statistics resulted in this year's date shift. Under the new calculation, last year's date would have been February 14 as well.

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