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12 / March / 2018



AFA Concerned with Another Breakdown in Rail Transportation


The Alberta Federation of Agriculture (AFA) is once again expressing concerns and frustration over another breakdown of the rail transportation system in Canada, due to the lack of locomotive power & staffing, which has resulted in a major backlog of grain, oil and container traffic across the Prairies.


“Farmers are all too aware of how detrimental this lack of service or backlog can be, resulting in the immobilization of our grain and affecting our livelihood,” noted Lynn Jacobson, President of AFA.  “Today, we are seeing history repeat itself, as the disruption of cash flow hits producers at the most inopportune time with spring planting on the horizon.”


The transportation of prairie grain by rail is a crucial element in Canada’s economy.  As one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural and agri-food products, the provision of stable and reliable transportation that makes international markets accessible is of critical importance. 


The issue of transportation inefficiencies has long been on AFA’s radar, along with its provincial counterparts across Canada who have pushed for a comprehensive, long-term transportation strategy to address these issues.


“With the last grain transportation crisis negatively impacting our industry, it goes without saying that the lack of action on the part of our Federal Government in past years is highly disappointing,” said Jacobson.  “While the passing of Bill 49 in its current form is a start, it will not fully address all of the issues surrounding rail transportation for the industries that rely on it.


AFA will continue to monitor this situation and advocate on behalf of Alberta’s farmers to ensure that rail transportation issues are addressed in a pro-active manner moving forward.






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